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Established since November 2015, this medical laboratory was being steup with passion and desire to cater for better service efficiency and quality lab test results.

We have built up an effective and efficient quality management system as well as implementing good laboratory practices. Therefore, we started our lab in participation with external quality assurance services on top of our routine internal quality control.

New E50 Series

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Specimen Requirements:

* Usual Tag ons to packages still apply.
* TAT might be affected with certain tag ons.

General Specimen Collection

Instructions for specimen collection and preparation including specific specimen type and volume requirements for a particular test or profile test can be found in this content of service catalogue or by calling our lab office for further inquiry.

The quality of test result depends upon proper collection, preparation, transport of the specimen, as well as how soon it reaches the laboratory.

Specimen Labelling

Lab E adheres to established guidelines for proper identification of patient specimens. Each specimen must be properly labelled with the same patient information present on the accompanying request form. The referring clinics will be notified when a name discrepancy is identified, and this may result in test cancellation.

All specimen labels must have both the patient’s first and last name as well as a second identifier such as the patient’s identity card number or birth date.

Unlabelled, mislabelled, and under-labelled(only 1-identifier) samples may be rejected. To ensure patient safety, use at least two patient identifiers on every specimen.


Supplies associated with the collection, transportation and result reporting for specimens assayed by Lab E are provided at no charge. A comprehensive supply order form is available for convenience.

Supplies may be requested by faxing the order form directly to Lab E or by calling Lab E office, alternatively you may pass the supplies request form to our courier despatch during their routine to your clinic.

Courier Service

Lab E has a courier delivery system in place for established clients within our geographic service area. Clients may call our Lab E office to schedule a routine or STAT pick-up from their facility.

Before specimens are bagged for pickup, they should be checked to be sure that all laboratory request forms are completely filled up, specimen tubes and containers are being properly labelled and that each specimen is tightly sealed and properly packaged for safe delivery.

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